Sunday, January 16, 2011

BUH Masai - Winners for last night's promotion

Last night I held a promotion for the reopening of BUH Studio.
The Promotion was a free guest appearance in my new comics Lil' Bebii for the first 5 people to comment in the Shout Box.
Here are the list of the 5 winners :D

1: John Law
2: Nate Spicer
3.Ron Johnson
4. Shane Norton
5. Joshua Marvin

Congrats you guys! You can look forward to seeing them in later chapters of Lil' Bebii.
If you want to make a guest appearance in Lil' Bebii or the HAHAs you still can. For $10.00 I'll stick you in the story with a caricature of yourself in Asante-vision! Also we offer request where you can ask me to do a commission of anything. ( For special request the price varies )

Until next time.

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