Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Mel

Will take a break on the path to me wanting to becoming a cartoonist
and look into what Mel Gibson has done recently so that anyone who hasn't heard about his latest folly will be able to get the latest HAHA.

Hmmm whats that? You thought he cleaned up his antisemitic ways? Well so did I but apparently he has a lot more hate to go around and hes ready to dish it. A little while ago this tape was found of him speaking to his Ex girl friend

Around 1:11 " raped by a pack of N***** "

Oh Mel Mel Mel what are we going to do with you? xD

Come back next time as I go back to my essay on how I decided what I wanted to do in life.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Now on to animation part 2 : The invasion of anime.

The year was around 1996 to 1997.
All was peaceful and boring in America for kids. Nobody would expect
the phenomenon that would soon hit our shores. I was one of the lucky
youngsters who grew up during this time.

For me it all started one day before school. UPN ( A channel at the time ) which ran cartoons in the early mornings aired one that was quit peculiar....

I didn't know what it was, I didn't know why it looked so much different from any other cartoons I ever watched. All I knew was that I was hooked.

Now before you go " wtf mate that's a girl show. " Why did you like that shit?
First off,out of my friends it wasn't just me who watched this show .
At that time none of my friends or I ever saw a cartoon like that before. Cartoons in the US were little funnies that dealt with nothing more than humor and light story lines. This was something totally different. As you saw in the opening it had action out the kazooo, the story line keep going from episode to episode , the villains didn't look all goofy in fact some of them were down right scary. This was the first taste of more mature animation. Now we were all awed by this show...but still it was for girls. So as much as we liked it we boys couldn't really connect. And me and my friends couldn't express our like for the show in public because in the end it was a girl's show!

That is when this show came along...

The show us adrenalin junkie boys were waiting for. Now the craze for Anime started to boom. They had the girl market and now they just appealed to the boys. All that was left was the video game community which could appeal to both girls and boys and the marketing geniuses over in Japan just had the right answer. This is what made Anime known in the US and really started the mega craze.

That was it. We were invaded. For the next 5-6 years Anime would be at max popularity in America. You couldn't go anywhere without being able to hear about it or see it. Someone who thinks that Anime is big now really doesn't know. Compared to back then the Anime market now is a waste land.

This little era would greatly influence me during those couple of years in intermediate school.

But now back to how I overall decided I wanted to be a cartoonist / director.
So at this time I liked to draw. I drew very seldom though. Mostly Godzilla, video game characters and spider-man and or Ninja turtles.
( I was a huge Godzilla fan and ironically something else from Japan I was hooked
on )

But now I would start drawing the characters from Pokemon and Dragonball Z ALL THE TIME.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I would draw and draw for hours. Not any reason behind it just for fun like most kids do.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Most often during school when I was bored lol.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Anime craze is what really started my own drawing craze. But at this point I still didn't know what a cartoonist was or even think about doing it for a profession.

I had yet to discover the main reason for me going in this direction.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now on to Animation.

So what lead me here to the road of wanting to become a well known cartoonist?
Well it's a story that starts 19 years ago when I was about 4.
My mother had never seen the Disney movies as a child. She thought it would be fun to watch them for family time, so she bought me oodles and noodles of them and looney tune tapes along with many other animated shows and movies. At that time I would watch these shows for hours on end like a zombie. Especially my childhood favorite "Pinocchio" I usually watched 3 times a day then singing the songs and dancing around the house to tunes such as this

This is how I would I initially grew a love for cartoons and animation. Then there were the saturday morning cartoons

Like most children though, by age 7 to 10, my love for cartoons would soon dwindle. I still watched them but I didn't get pulled in. For I was getting bored of all the US cartoons. They had the same BORING stories and plot lines and reoccurring bad guys that always had their plans ruined by the end of the 30 minute episode. And the Disney movies didn't have enough appeal for me because of its new direction of appealing mostly to girls. AND on top of that was the natural mindset on cartoons in our culture; where it's immature and weird to watch cartoons after a certain age, that I was slowly slipping into. At this point all my attention was going on wanting to be a director of live action movies. ( I was also a avid movie watcher as well. I was your classic sit in front of the TV kid. ) If you asked me about cartoons or animated movies at that point I would probably laugh and tell you they were for kids. So how did I turn a total 360 degrees and gain my passion back for cartoons?

You shall find out in the continuing post :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sampled songs.

Most of you probably know what sampled songs are. For those of you who don't know what they are I'll explain. Sampled music are beats or back music that are used like stock footage in a movie. Most samples are used in rap and hip hop music and are from songs of past decades.

If matched right they can make some pretty awesome tunes. Because a lot of samples are used from classic or older songs many of us think it's an original beat whenever we hear a modern song using a sample. In fact it happens all the time. If you listen to rap or hip hop you've probably heard hundreds without even knowing it.

Here are some sampled music that happen to be favorites of mine and my opinion on which ones better.

The Beatnuts - "No Escapin This"

Its sample is from
Enoch Light - "A Little Fugue For You And Me"

Legit right? I love both songs but I think the Beatnuts beats the original this time. Something about the rapping mixed with that rhythm creates a superb effect.

The next one will prob surprise you. I know it surprised me when I found out.

Will Smith - "Men In Black"

Yup that famous hit from back in the day is indeed a sample of this song right here

Patrice Rushen - "Forgive Me Nots"

Now this one is tough. But in my opinion the original wins this one. What can I say I love 80's music. Plus the bass in "For Get Me Nots" is legendary. Look on youtube and see how many guitarist practice to it and give tribute to it. It's all around a classic song.

Next but not least

Guru's Jazzmatazz ft. Common "State Of Clarity"

And the ledendary

Bob James - "Night Crawler"

Now this one is tough. Both have a good flow, and Guru's vocals really match with the beat of night crawler. Though I'm gonna have to give this one to Bob James.

As you can see sometimes the sampled versions are better and sometimes not, and then again it's all in your own opinion.
Have you heard of any legit sampled songs lately?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Last Air Bender.

last night I just saw M. Night Shyamalan's "Masterpiece" The Last Air Bender.

Yeah....Now I never watched Avatar the animated series. So I was indifferent to the changes.I was actually looking forward to it with an open mind.

Hell the trailer even looks decent, and I'll admit I'm slightly a fan of Shyamalan movies.
But in the end this picture pretty much sums my feelings after I watched the movie.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I felt shafted by that HUGE thing in the middle

Yes the girl in the middle. The one who's head looks like a giant penis. The horrible thing my friend Cory Loudon , I and Hundreds of Americans instantly picked up on it looking like. Not only did Shyamalan give us a horrible movie. He even put a big dick in front of the screen right in our faces, Almost like he's saying "HAHA You spent your good hard earned money on this dick shit movie and your never getting it back!" Thanks alot Shyamalan for giving the shaft to good American people who put faith in your movie. It wasn't even moistened you pretty much did us dry. Whats worse, I feel bad for the hardcore fans of Avatar. This movie must have cut deep. But I digress, This is not a review. Just pointing the giant Willy
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
( GEEZ look at that thing )

Matthew Patrick will be reviewing this more indepth and he will have the prospective of someone who actually watched the Tv show. Stay tuned for his review in the upcoming weeks.

~ Masai Asantewa

Monday, July 5, 2010


Well I had a fun Forth Of July. Ate a bunch of crap and such, I hope all of you had a awesome 4th of July as well!

This past weekend my relatives came over for the 4th and to my luck my Aunt gave me a movie. One I did not know of but am happy I do now.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jeez even the poster gives you chills.

This was your typical bad seed formula. A formula created back in 1956 in the movie
( take a wild guess ) " The Bad Seed " This formula has been reused countless times. Usually a parent has a natural child or adopts a child and over time bad things keep on happening to people or animals in close relationship to them. Then they find out its the child they held so close to their hearts. I always liked this formula because who really could expect a child to be able to do such malevolent and terrible things?

Although... as most movie formulas do, it has the potential to get old.
That's why I appreciated this movie...It really took a different direction on the basic formula and they executed it magnificently.

I'm not reviewing the movie today though. What I want to talk about is the director's
( Jaume Collet-Serra ) masterful display of suspense.

A lot of times in movies suspense isn't thought through.Which is funny because it's the very reason why you came to see the thriller! In most cases the audience can even predict when the monster or killer is going to pop out. The worst case of this I ever saw was the new " A Nightmare on Elm Street " O M G

By the end of the movie I was wishing they would light ME on fire in the boiler room. Worst damn 9 dollars I ever spent, might's well of just wasted it on Arby's then maybe at least I would have felt better when I threw up knowing what I spent my money on.

But I digress....Lets take a look into a scene of this great movie.

Notice how the director is playing with you? He changes the music, making it go from
intense to soft. Making it so you really can't tell when the " AHHH " moment is. He also changes camera angles on different objects a lot, making you gain a sense of the whole area. He even goes to the extent of doing mini scares where the music gets intense over a silly thing (like the kids running under the bridge). Then you realize "Oh it's nothing scary". Much how we really act when we are frightened. Everything becomes scary. Then when we finally calm down (as the girl did) and think "hmmm I'm just being paranoid" BAM the director gets you with the main scare. If you notice the music didn't even get intense when the main scare happens. Another trick to fool the audience.

I highly suggest this movie. I had a real fun time watching it myself.
Did you see any good movies this weekend?

~ Masai Asantewa