Monday, July 5, 2010


Well I had a fun Forth Of July. Ate a bunch of crap and such, I hope all of you had a awesome 4th of July as well!

This past weekend my relatives came over for the 4th and to my luck my Aunt gave me a movie. One I did not know of but am happy I do now.

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Jeez even the poster gives you chills.

This was your typical bad seed formula. A formula created back in 1956 in the movie
( take a wild guess ) " The Bad Seed " This formula has been reused countless times. Usually a parent has a natural child or adopts a child and over time bad things keep on happening to people or animals in close relationship to them. Then they find out its the child they held so close to their hearts. I always liked this formula because who really could expect a child to be able to do such malevolent and terrible things?

Although... as most movie formulas do, it has the potential to get old.
That's why I appreciated this movie...It really took a different direction on the basic formula and they executed it magnificently.

I'm not reviewing the movie today though. What I want to talk about is the director's
( Jaume Collet-Serra ) masterful display of suspense.

A lot of times in movies suspense isn't thought through.Which is funny because it's the very reason why you came to see the thriller! In most cases the audience can even predict when the monster or killer is going to pop out. The worst case of this I ever saw was the new " A Nightmare on Elm Street " O M G

By the end of the movie I was wishing they would light ME on fire in the boiler room. Worst damn 9 dollars I ever spent, might's well of just wasted it on Arby's then maybe at least I would have felt better when I threw up knowing what I spent my money on.

But I digress....Lets take a look into a scene of this great movie.

Notice how the director is playing with you? He changes the music, making it go from
intense to soft. Making it so you really can't tell when the " AHHH " moment is. He also changes camera angles on different objects a lot, making you gain a sense of the whole area. He even goes to the extent of doing mini scares where the music gets intense over a silly thing (like the kids running under the bridge). Then you realize "Oh it's nothing scary". Much how we really act when we are frightened. Everything becomes scary. Then when we finally calm down (as the girl did) and think "hmmm I'm just being paranoid" BAM the director gets you with the main scare. If you notice the music didn't even get intense when the main scare happens. Another trick to fool the audience.

I highly suggest this movie. I had a real fun time watching it myself.
Did you see any good movies this weekend?

~ Masai Asantewa


  1. Yes; watch 'Law Abiding Citizen.' I have it if you want to see it, only you must bring Orphan if you want to see it. Deal or no Deal!?