Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Last Air Bender.

last night I just saw M. Night Shyamalan's "Masterpiece" The Last Air Bender.

Yeah....Now I never watched Avatar the animated series. So I was indifferent to the changes.I was actually looking forward to it with an open mind.

Hell the trailer even looks decent, and I'll admit I'm slightly a fan of Shyamalan movies.
But in the end this picture pretty much sums my feelings after I watched the movie.

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I felt shafted by that HUGE thing in the middle

Yes the girl in the middle. The one who's head looks like a giant penis. The horrible thing my friend Cory Loudon , I and Hundreds of Americans instantly picked up on it looking like. Not only did Shyamalan give us a horrible movie. He even put a big dick in front of the screen right in our faces, Almost like he's saying "HAHA You spent your good hard earned money on this dick shit movie and your never getting it back!" Thanks alot Shyamalan for giving the shaft to good American people who put faith in your movie. It wasn't even moistened you pretty much did us dry. Whats worse, I feel bad for the hardcore fans of Avatar. This movie must have cut deep. But I digress, This is not a review. Just pointing the giant Willy
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( GEEZ look at that thing )

Matthew Patrick will be reviewing this more indepth and he will have the prospective of someone who actually watched the Tv show. Stay tuned for his review in the upcoming weeks.

~ Masai Asantewa

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  1. I feel like the dick-haired princess fucked me in the asshole with her dick... and the blood that spewed out was MORE satisfying than this movie in its entirety.

    I feel retarded having spent money on this that I worked for... and would still feel equally as retarded had Shyamalan HIMSELF bought me a ticket, and then gave me a happy ending after the showing.

    The only thing that could've made this better for me, is if one of my friends killed me before the opening scene... in order to spare me from this whole thing.