Friday, July 9, 2010

Sampled songs.

Most of you probably know what sampled songs are. For those of you who don't know what they are I'll explain. Sampled music are beats or back music that are used like stock footage in a movie. Most samples are used in rap and hip hop music and are from songs of past decades.

If matched right they can make some pretty awesome tunes. Because a lot of samples are used from classic or older songs many of us think it's an original beat whenever we hear a modern song using a sample. In fact it happens all the time. If you listen to rap or hip hop you've probably heard hundreds without even knowing it.

Here are some sampled music that happen to be favorites of mine and my opinion on which ones better.

The Beatnuts - "No Escapin This"

Its sample is from
Enoch Light - "A Little Fugue For You And Me"

Legit right? I love both songs but I think the Beatnuts beats the original this time. Something about the rapping mixed with that rhythm creates a superb effect.

The next one will prob surprise you. I know it surprised me when I found out.

Will Smith - "Men In Black"

Yup that famous hit from back in the day is indeed a sample of this song right here

Patrice Rushen - "Forgive Me Nots"

Now this one is tough. But in my opinion the original wins this one. What can I say I love 80's music. Plus the bass in "For Get Me Nots" is legendary. Look on youtube and see how many guitarist practice to it and give tribute to it. It's all around a classic song.

Next but not least

Guru's Jazzmatazz ft. Common "State Of Clarity"

And the ledendary

Bob James - "Night Crawler"

Now this one is tough. Both have a good flow, and Guru's vocals really match with the beat of night crawler. Though I'm gonna have to give this one to Bob James.

As you can see sometimes the sampled versions are better and sometimes not, and then again it's all in your own opinion.
Have you heard of any legit sampled songs lately?

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