Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now on to Animation.

So what lead me here to the road of wanting to become a well known cartoonist?
Well it's a story that starts 19 years ago when I was about 4.
My mother had never seen the Disney movies as a child. She thought it would be fun to watch them for family time, so she bought me oodles and noodles of them and looney tune tapes along with many other animated shows and movies. At that time I would watch these shows for hours on end like a zombie. Especially my childhood favorite "Pinocchio" I usually watched 3 times a day then singing the songs and dancing around the house to tunes such as this

This is how I would I initially grew a love for cartoons and animation. Then there were the saturday morning cartoons

Like most children though, by age 7 to 10, my love for cartoons would soon dwindle. I still watched them but I didn't get pulled in. For I was getting bored of all the US cartoons. They had the same BORING stories and plot lines and reoccurring bad guys that always had their plans ruined by the end of the 30 minute episode. And the Disney movies didn't have enough appeal for me because of its new direction of appealing mostly to girls. AND on top of that was the natural mindset on cartoons in our culture; where it's immature and weird to watch cartoons after a certain age, that I was slowly slipping into. At this point all my attention was going on wanting to be a director of live action movies. ( I was also a avid movie watcher as well. I was your classic sit in front of the TV kid. ) If you asked me about cartoons or animated movies at that point I would probably laugh and tell you they were for kids. So how did I turn a total 360 degrees and gain my passion back for cartoons?

You shall find out in the continuing post :)