Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Mel

Will take a break on the path to me wanting to becoming a cartoonist
and look into what Mel Gibson has done recently so that anyone who hasn't heard about his latest folly will be able to get the latest HAHA.

Hmmm whats that? You thought he cleaned up his antisemitic ways? Well so did I but apparently he has a lot more hate to go around and hes ready to dish it. A little while ago this tape was found of him speaking to his Ex girl friend

Around 1:11 " raped by a pack of N***** "

Oh Mel Mel Mel what are we going to do with you? xD

Come back next time as I go back to my essay on how I decided what I wanted to do in life.


  1. I never knew that John Smith could be so vulgar. I mean, if Chief Powhatan knew what his daughter was runnin around the forest with I dont think that he would have spared John. He wouldn't have tried to kill him with a stick either. He would have fed him to the friggin raccoon.

  2. i feel the need to clarify my above comment, i was told it made no sense. Mel Gibson was the voice of John Smith in Pocohontas.

  3. Now that I didn't know. Mel Gibson doing voice acting for a nazi animation studio... it makes so much sense now!