Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Importance of sound

This is pretty obvious. Without sound or music there would be no movie. Sound is such a important part of life really. It sets moods, helps you to create, causes you to dance in the showerand break your neck like an idiot. It's no wonder its such a important aspect to a movie to pick the right score. Just having a bad musical score for a movie could potentially decide its fate in the box office. While having a great one can boost the overall feeling and experience of the movie goer.

With that said I have two good examples of just how strongly music changes the feel of a movie.
Below are two links to the anime movie " Digimon Adventure "
Now before you say " Oh that crafty dork is trying to indirectly make us watch that silly Digimon movie. " This is not about the movie. What I'm doing here is showing you
the dynamic difference just music and sound can make.

First is the American Dub version
Skip to 0:38 of the video

and next we have the uncut original Japanese version
Because the Poster of this video is being a dum dum I have to put the link

Skip to 6:08 of that video.

Now after watching the two do you notice the big difference?

The American one changes the background music to the American Digimon theme which creates a fast pace feel,a sort of adrenalin rush. It also changes the mood from less grand to more action packed while also giving it a kiddy like flare. Add it with some scene deletions ( which America is famous for ) and you have a quick paced, kid's Saturday morning cartoon adrenalin fight!

Now when you watch the Japanese version at first you notice is the orchestrated music. Which slows down the action and yet still gives a Grandiose feel. Second the monsters voices aren't voice actors going " ARGGHH ". Which made the US version sound kiddy, By using actual stock audio clips of a eagle and dinosaur it created a more realistic menacing feel. Add in the ominous huge foot step noises you get a slightly more mature mood. As if your actually watching two colossal beast battling for supremacy in a packed city.

Both clips are entertaining yet give you a vastly different feel.


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  2. Also I forgot to mention that the change in dialog changes everything as well. As you can see, the American one adds like 50 more lines of speech, even down to making the monsters talk. Making the the feel distinctly change..... But that discussion is for another blog

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  4. I feel that the japanese version definitely has a lot more *umph* to it in terms of impact. Such is the case with most anime translations. Take the case...of well, anything. Most animes that come to America are dumbed down, and made more childlike to apply to our age rates. I.e., G, PG, PG-13... etc.

    We lose a lot of the original impact because we apparently cannot handle the more intense fight scenes, adult humor, or intelligent dialogue. So, clearly, the businesses that go through the editing process essentially think American kids are equivalent to monkeys.

    Raise us that way, and so we shall be :/