Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm Masai Asantewa and this is my first blog post for BUh Studio.
First let me introduce myself. I'm a 21 years old
and I am a cartoonist. I have alot of passions in life
but nothing gives me more joy than comics, animation
and everything in the entertainment industy. From
music to movies and pretty much everything.Because
of this passion I just recently opened
The site displays my weekly web comics and reviews from my good friend
Matt Patrick.

So what is the reason for bloging ? Well simply
I figured why not? What will this blog consist of ? Well to tell the
truth it will cover a variety of things. One could say
it will be the Seinfield of blogging. ( a blog about nothing )
From one blog post to the next I'll either talk about thoughts
I had during the day on certain subject matters whether it
be entertainment , social or comical. I'll also be giving
alot of input on my thoughts of the current situations of
entertainment industry. So In sort it will be more of a
"thoughts of the week" sort of deal on various random

I hope you frequent often, because Matt and
I will be working hard to entertain you from week to week.
Any comments are welcome. I love to hear other's opinions!

Till next time :D

~ Masai Asantewa


  1. Funny cartoon! Love the site!!!! Keep up the GREAT work! Cannot wait to read the blogs.

    -Mary and Katie

  2. Thanks Mary! , I'm happy to hear that :DDD

  3. Haha. Jamie and I want a shirt, Masai. The website is awesome. Can't wait for more.

  4. aww shucks :D, Thanks you too!