Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Views on current "A" list cast movies.

In Hollywood there are many gimmick and formulas that they make as templates to use for movies. One gimmick that I've seen has been to gather popular "A" list stars and package them into a crappy, no appeal, dry, campy family movie type story line.Or they take just one popular actor and do the same thing. Usually the "A"list stars are now old and kinda washed up making this even worse. Some examples of these types of movies are Grown Ups , Old Dogs, Bed time Stories, Haunted Mansion , The Tooth Fairy...I really can't name more or I may just vomit. So anyway the big me at Hollywood release these movies with the feeling " Alright ! We have really famous stars in our picture thus people will come to see it !" And then like normal the dumb asses are surprised when their flicks bomb at the box office and become a laughing disgrace. Now why do they keep on failing and failing? Well its simple. Alot of Hollywood has forgotten that it's not the name that brings in the audience. It's in the presentation. You must not trade quality for an "A" list name. It would be like buying a new top of the line vehicle without an engine. As cool as it looks yo ass aint getting to the grocery store. Now do not get me wrong. There are plenty of movies with "A" list casts that are wonderful. But that's because they had a valid story behind them. Unfortunately that's not the case with many of them. And as time goes on people suffer from these very tacky movies made to just generate money. Which ironically they do the opposite. So what I'm saying here is as entertainers our main goal / obligation must be to entertain not hound for money. If you make something
that is legitimate and something YOU would actually watch yourself it will go much farther than selling out to just get money. And shame on the actors as well who accept these roles and belittle their careers just for some extra drug money (or whatever Hollywood types use their money for).

An example of a star that is ruining his good name is Adam Sandler. For a while if you heard " Adam Sandler " you knew the movie was gold and worth watching. I myself was a HUGE Sandler fan, I loved and anticipated his movies ( Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore , Water Boy, ect ) Now sadly I can barley respect the guy. He's selling out to these campy 2 dollar budget story lines ( Cough - Bed Time Stories ) and for what? Now he will be remembered for having good movies in the beginning then getting shitty as time went on. I don't know maybe it's just me but i'd rather just retire when things are golden so people will always have a good memory of you in their heads. Much like How Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond ended their show for the same reason.

But in short I will just say this, the movie lots need to remember that Hollywood is for entertainment not for bull shit.

Till next time.

~ Masai Asantewa


  1. Agreed. However, John Travolta in 'From Paris with Love' is actually an entertaining movie. I was quite surprised. Partly because i thought he was surely dead by now but also because it was an alright movie.

  2. " i thought he was surely dead"
    lol ya he is one of the comeback kings. ( Wild Hogs, A-list cast movie that actually had a good plot )
    That one looked like a fun one. Mostly because they didn't use " the lets get a washed up star and work him in with a 25 cent plot line ! " looks like they put some emphasis into that movie. And it looks like they actually matched John with the role. They didn't just pick him willy nilly just to fill up a spot. If they did that with Grown Ups it wouldn't be as stupid as it is.