Monday, November 15, 2010

Influential scenes.

I've watched a lot of movies in my day. The few days I'll be posting the most influential scenes from movies that really blew me away. They are not in order from least to best or anything like that. I'm judging them by their

entertainment value
story boarding
and visual appeal

Number 1.

This is from the Sonic the hedgehog ova.

I bought the VHS version of this OVA when I was around 13-14. This movie really blew me away because growing up in America all the cartoons we were used to seeing were silly comedies with usually one angle of view. Cartoons weren't made to be seriously in America.( and if you think about it its still the same way. ) When I saw this I was blown away by the angles they used, the speed in the animation and the action. Alot of scenes blew me away in the Ova to be honest. I will talk about one and show some others.

First scene is at 4:40 through 5:07

The whole scene was composed well. The worms eyes view that showed him running to the hill then changing the camera angle to the top of the hill where he instantly appears was a excellently executed sequence that gives you a feeling of how effin fast this guy is. On top of that it was visually appealing as well. Especially the changing of camera angles from front to back when he jumped. Then changing to shot of the side of the mountain and showing his trail of dust then switching the angle to a aerial view above the plane as its about to violently crash into the mountainside and showing him circle in right in time and then BAM the explosion. WOW...This ability to grasp and maintain the excitement of the viewer is the work of excellent story board artists.

I'm not going to go into detail about the other scenes but below are the other ones that influenced me.

6:09-6:28 look at the video above for this one.

Video below.


0:51 - 1:23

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