Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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It's that Merry time of year again!!

The time where parents and people flood the stores looking for presents for their loved ones. I myself work at one of these stores. Which will now be closing very late due to the season. Most of the time at 12 am or possibly later. As such, I won't be able to update my site right at 12 am like usual for the upcoming weeks.

This is how not being able to update on time makes me feel

I'm a Nazi about scheduled updates and deadlines but it's season and it can't be helped. I will update as soon as I get home.

Around January is when things will slow down and I'll update at the regular time again!


If you haven't heard I'm updating BUH Studio in a big way after season is through! I'm not giving out a release date yet but I'll tell you it's coming soon!
Here's a little teaser!!!

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  1. hahaha i didnt know that u were on a talkshow masai. or that you were dragged off and raped by santa