Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Number 2. Song of the south

Here we have animation from Milt Kahl I believe. One of Walt Disney's top 9 animators commonly referred to as the nine old men.

I actually just saw this just 3 weeks ago. What really blew me away was the detail in the facial expressions and how well the changed from one to the next so fluently. This cartoon really just breathes life with all the varying expressions and movement. This is something anime is lacking in. If you notice in anime the people are always still ( as in nothing on there face moves. ) and when they talk all that movies is the mouth in a chewing gum type of movement. Although anime is made fun of the most for using that technique its often common in cheap tv animation.

Whats really amazing is the frantic movment and hand gestures of the seemingly drug induced Br'er fox.

This is just one animated piece from the movie " Song Of The South ". There are many other ones worth looking at unfortunately this is the only one I could find on youtube with half way decent quality.

Most notible part in this one for me is

4:32 - the end

The gleeful walk Br'er Fox and Bear for do on their way to get Br'er Rabbit is really lively. The electric slide Br'er fox did blew me away because of how swift it was and how everything still stayed in proportion.

What is really great is the feeling that is portrayed when Fox and Bear start taunting Br'er rabbit.

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