Monday, November 8, 2010

Hiya !

Well, it's been awhile since I have updated this blog.
This is because while keeping faithful to updating the HAHAs on time and thanks to Matt Patrick the reviews. I have also been working on the next step in BUH Studio.
You may recall me mentioning it in this HAHA that was a promo for the new series " Lil' Bebii ".

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What is the " Big site update " ? It's a small step closer to what I want BUH Studio to be in the end. Even thought it's just a small step it's gonna be a lot different than the current site none the less.
We will call this updated BUH Studio
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Just for name sake. :]

as a " behind the scenes " I'll tell ya a little history about BUH Studio and how it came to be....

I told you how the 1997 anime craze inspired me to want to make cartoons and one day open a animation studio. I wanted to entertain the world with exciting stories. Now age 16 in high school the problem that came to mind was, where and how the hell to start!?!?
Well there were 2 options at the time.
1) get published by some publishing company and abide by their rules and restrictions.Being so head strong this didn't interest me to much.

Then there was option 2

2) Self publishing ( like Ninja turtle creators Eastman and Laird ) where you have absolute freedom and you are the boss. Only problem with that was, It takes MONEY. So from 2004 - 2007 I was in limbo.

Before 2007 I decided I would name my publishing company ( when I got one lol ) SAI FI Productions! It was in 2007 when I came up with the name BUH Studio because of a good friend of mine from High School ( Nate Spicer ) Who used to make a ridiculously dumb face and go " BUHHHHHH " as a sign of being dumb. The name of BUH is a homage to the silly times and memories I had in high school with all my friends. Plus it's fun to say! Try'll put hair on your chest
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Original BUH Studio 2007 logo

Until late 2008 early 2009 when I started hearing more and more about web comics. Web comics have been around since 1998 ( or earlier) but I myself didn't follow them or really know there were so many (the only comics I read were Manga ). In fact it was because of my friends that I even heard about them. Then I thought to myself... " Hey!! I can teach myself how to make a website and self publish from there then I can build my name as an cartoonist!! "

So on June 27 2010 I opened the BETA version of BUH Studio.

This newer version will be more interactive and will feature more updates. All in with the goal of entertaing you!

I will announce a release date for this new site in the upcoming weeks. Keep supporting BUH Studio and keep telling your friends! I'm thankful for the fans I've accumulated thus far. If it weren't for you I wouldn't even pick up the pen!


  1. Thank god! i clicked on buhlog and osama didnt show up! about time!

  2. Lol he is gone my friend.....