Saturday, August 21, 2010

Osamu Tezuka

Well as you probably have noticed I haven't been very active with this blog lately.
Well I'll cut the fat and tell you the truth. I was kidnapped and raped by pirates...yep there ya have it folks.
How have I been able to release the HAHAS on time? Well fortunetly enough they are fans of the series and allowed me to work on them between rapings.

Don't believe me? Go to bed.
Anywho there HAS been another reason I haven't been working on this blog much. Another project actually....
So lets rap up this long " Why I decided to become a cartoonist " thing going on.
To put it short. One day in high school I discovered Osamu Tezuka. The " god father " of comics in Japan.
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Osamu Tezuka was born in the 1928 around the golden age of American animation.Tezuka wasn't an ordinary kid he was awkward and was often bullied in school but he always kept his head up and in the clouds. At a young age he was fascinated in American cartoons and comics. Thus giving him a passion for story telling and drawing. He would grow up and graduate medical school and was even licensed as a doctor. But his passion for drawing couldn't be put out. So he decided to take the risky path of being a cartoonist. (Anime and manga were not popular in Japan in that time. To be a cartoonist was to pretty much throw your life away ) Unfortunetly in his teenage years his country would be involved in WW2. Young Tezuka would be forced work in a military camp were he couldn't draw and if they found him drawing he would be severely beaten. during this sad period he also watched many of his friends and family die. (Seeing all this death before him would give him a strong sense of the importance of life. Which was apparent in many of his later works. )Being the strong man that he was he endured the war. After which he continued to be a cartoonist. He would work day and night creating comics. His fun and inspiring comics raised the morality of the H-bomb devastated Japan. After many struggles in becoming a famous cartoonist Japan would soon see him as a Japanese treasure. Because of his powerful,deep, and sometimes controversial stories He would signally start the anime craze that would last in Japan all the way until today.

There are a lot of other points of his story that I left out. but what inspired me was his devotion to his dreams. No matter what came in his path he kept walking forward and kept his heads in the clouds. He never became bitter because of the world around him, he always believed in peace. He also had a lot of deep morals on life in his comics that really made his work great. So after being hit the Anime craze in America in 1997, and learning about Osamu Tezuka and other manga and manga artist. At age 16 I really started getting serious in going into the profession of being a cartoonist..And later maybe even a director?

There! " On to animation" is over! you can give that knife back to your emo friend you don't have to cut yourself out of boredom!

On that note.
The BUHlog won't be updated very frequent for the time being because all my energy is going into the project I mentioned above.

Will call this Project " 2.0 "

It's gonna be the Cat's pajamas. I'm sure you'll love it ;D


  1. thank god!!! for a second i thought i was the only one who has suffered the pirates wrath....

  2. unfortunately.... however that lust blossomed into a beautiful love, and thats how i met jamie.

  3. she used to be. it was a bad time in her life, and raping me actually pulled her out of that life. unfortunately she has the occaisional relapse and starts yelling and thinkin theres a bird shittin on her shoulder but that quickly passes.