Thursday, August 5, 2010

So now around middle school I was hooked on this Digimon manga I found online. I would sit up all day drawing comics based around Digimon. Only with my own stories that I made up.
These are a few random examples of these comics

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I would usually redraw the same pages over and over.

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I would experiment with different angles and shots. My goal was to get something that flowed like the comic I loves so much,I wouldn't stop until I approved what I saw before me and also I'm a perfectionist... ( It's a bitch )

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I soon became rapidly better. As I would draw day in and day out.

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Soon I even developed a style of my own and after good effort I started to get that cinematic effect I was soon looking for. Far was I from being satisfied though!

It was then I started playing around with the idea of drawing comics as a career. I wasn't to passionate about it though. until I discovered other mangas in the years to come..and until I found out about my idol. The guy who would be my biggest influence in drawing comics. But thats for another day :]

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