Saturday, August 7, 2010

On to animation: Darker themes

It was the last years of middle school and High school was around the corner. By now anime and manga had begun its slow decline. Other younger kids still liked it but the generation I was in who first liked it were moving on to other things. Except for anime nerds like me and my friends who were still on it like flies on shit. Thanks to Internet I was starting to discover what anime and manga really where and the Japanese culture behind it. What I also discovered was in Japan the anime and the manga that I saw in America that I thought were bad ass were EVEN more bad ass in Japan. You see in Japan many things are viewed as okay to show to children such as blood and cussing and even nudity. I was very much interested in the liberal style of these cartoons. Creating a comic based around comedy was the furthest from my mind. These three videos were trailers from one of the Godzilla movies I collected as a kid ( Destroy All Monsters ) These three trailers really blew me away in their detail and how mature they were. The Asian culture was really taking me over lol

Japanese Gunhed trailer- This is not the American trailer. But this is all I could find and is pretty similar to the one I saw

ADV Neon Genesis Evangelion Trailer.
Its funny because one of my best friends ( Cory Loudon ) would become OBSESSED with this show later down the road.

ADV Gunnm aka Battle Angel trailer

Its funny because I think I re watched those trailers more than I did the movie they were on. They really inspired me at that time. So around that time I began wanting to create darker sci-fi ish stories.

Till next time
~ Sai


  1. I fap in your name tonight for posting some NGE

  2. Lol ^^^ the obsessed one :P.

    That is a great series though. Is the second movie out yet?

    Also Battle Angel was a great movie that Masai showed me, a really well done anime.